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Office Hours 8am - 5pm (Monday-Friday)

Comprehensive Plan

Comp Plan Inventory Summary Policies Strategies 5_24_11

Norway Comp Plan Policy

Norway Development Constraints

Norway Downtown with Historic District & Gateway

Norway Downtown

Norway Floodplains and Steep Slopes.pdf

Norway Future Land Use Shoreland

Norway Future Land Use.pdf

Norway Historic District

Norway Water Resources

Norway Wildlife Habitat.pdf

Comprehensive Planning Committee

Irene Millett, Chair
60 Main Street
Norway, ME 04268

Ted Dilworth
PO Box 349
Norway, ME 04268

Doris Ray
7 Green Street
Norway, ME 04268

Ray Parkes
6 Michael Drive
Norway, ME 04268

Anne Kinney
51 Morrill Road
Norway, ME 04268

Rob Noll
424 Main Street
Norway, ME 04268

Brian Sessions
12 Marston Street
Norway, ME 04268

George Tibbetts
204 Ashton Road
Norway, ME 04268

Ron Snow
310 Main Street
Norway, ME 04268

Russ Newcomb
117 Country Club Road
Norway, ME 04268

Art Hill
PO Box 247
Norway, ME 04268

Robert Walker
14 Beal Street #25
Norway, ME 04268

Bruce Cook
PO Box 720
Norway, ME 04268

William Newcomb
358 Crockett Ridge Road
Norway, ME 04268

Anita Hakala
153 Ashton Road
Norway, ME 04268

Jeannie Stone
15 Briggs Street
South Paris, ME 04281

Jean Strom
7 Magnolia Drive
Norway, ME 04268

Anita Hamilton
18 Whitman Street
Norway, ME 04268

Walter Suomela
PO Box 368
Bethal, AK 99559
241 Norway Center Road
Norway, ME 04268

Student Representation:

Chase Bruch
57 Morse Road
Norway, ME 04268

Savannah Sessions
31 Pikes Hill Road
Norway, ME 04268

Nora Davis
55 Pleasant Street
Norway, ME 04268

Kyle Courcy
PO Box 208
Norway, ME 04268

Police Announcements

The Norway Police Department will be conducting extra DUI patrols throughout the year as a result of a $10,000 grant. We will be working with other area Law Enforcement Agencies to reduce the number of DUI related crashes by discouraging impaired driving through education and stepped up enforcement.

There will be a number of safety checkpoints at different locations and times of the year in addition to periods of "saturation" patrols. Saturation patrols are certain times where there will be a much greater than normal amount of patrol units out that will be dedicated to detecting impaired drivers.

Remember that impaired driving is driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, regardless if the drugs might be legally prescribed. Read the precautions on all of your medications to make sure it is safe to drive while taking them.

Winter Parking ban is now in effect. From November 15th to April 15th it is unlawful to park any vehicle on any street or road in the Town of Norway for a period longer than two hours between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.

When snow removal is in progress it shall be unlawful to park any vehicle for any amount of time.

Offending vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

It is unlawful to leave any snow on a public way that did not accumulate naturally.

Rob Federico
Chief of Police

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